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The history of the club is intertwined with that of the former British Aerospace (originally De Havilland) factory which opened in Lostock during 1937. A few friendlies were played that year, and then the following year an opportunity arose to join the Bolton Association 2nd Division when Knowles Ltd dropped out of the competition and having secured permission to share the nearby Bee Hive Mill ground the club was on its way.

Over the intervening 80 years or so the fortunes of the club have ebbed and flowed with good times and bad, triumph and disaster, culminating in 2017 with the club moving onto a brand new purpose built ground in Chew Moor. If you would like to read a more comprehensive history of the club please click on any of the links below to a series of articles which fully chart the story of the club :-

Early Years 1938-1954                                         Laying Down The Foundations 1955-1962

SW Lancashire League 1963-1974                Back in The BDCA 1975-2005

Manchester Association 2006-2013            

Pitch Battles                                                                Acrimonious Times

Officials Since 1938                            Captains Since 1938                    Club Professionals